East Coast Harchut Farms

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Well, after ten months, Grandpa and I found our new Harchut Farms. We are so grateful to you, your mom and your dad for sharing your home with all of us during the search. Those memories will be added to … Continue reading

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Mid-April Plantings and June-July Gifts

We heard from the east coast gardeners: “beware of the tomato police; no plantings prior to Mother’s Day!”. We did not abide and we planted. Boy did we plant! Well, truth be told, we did experience a couple of frost nights prior to Mother’s Day but we covered those tomatoes and they survived!

Here are the beginning of June features:

and beginning of July moments. Your mom is amazed at the vigorous excitement of growth on the tomatoes. And so am I! It must be the east coast sunshine, warmth and afternoon thunderstorms. Wow! Those plants are taller than your mom!!!!

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Remembering Nana

Today, July 16, 2017 would have been Nana’s 76th birthday. She passed on June 22, 2017. May she be free from suffering. She was loved.

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Cherry Blossoms

The blooms on the cherry trees are announcing springtime in spite of the cold snap and hard rain we recently had. I will always treasure the memory of the afternoon you ran outside to play and wondered what all the little flowers were doing on our driveway. You looked up and saw that the cherry tree had amazing blooms and then ran back inside yelling “Grandma! Come see!” Boy did my heart soar Ellie, to share this joy of natural beauty with you and our little family! Time to get our garden beds ready for more spring time joy!

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Garden Club

Tuesday afternoons are reserved for Garden Club till the middle of November. This club is very popular at your school and the two of you were lucky to be chosen to participate and so was I – as an adult volunteer! Mr. G. leads the club with a couple of other teachers and there are two Master Gardeners that have volunteered their time as well as some supplies.

One of the first lessons was about Hydroponics and Germination. You enjoyed creating a special growing environment in a simple plastic glove. Everyone received enough cotton balls that were moistened with a growing solution and some water added in for each of the different seeds. You then placed each of the seeds into the fingers and thumb along with the soaked cotton ball. When we arrived home, you taped up the gloves on the big garden room window. This is where the sun first hits in the morning.

We were all surprised to see the seeds sprouting before our next Tuesday meeting! The seeds planted were: Lettuce, Radish, Basil, Carrot and Romaine (another type of lettuce).

A couple of weeks ago, you transplanted the seeds and cotton balls into a clean garden bed. The basil might have an especially hard time growing since we already had a bit of frost last week but we are hopeful. We also planted a few winter crops: Spinach, Kale, more Carrots, and Curly Parsley. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and provide lots of care. I am especially looking forward to the fresh kale!

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The First Grape Harvest

Wow! The five grape vines that Grandpa planted are amazingly abundant this year! There are three Thompson Seedless grapes and two different varieties of red seedless grapes. We had fun munching them right off the vine even though some of them were a little sour (Ellie’s favorite!).

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Summer Harvest

Simply enjoying memories of gardening bliss, harvesting, and sharing the bounty and moments with lifelong friends and family. I am filled with gratitude!

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Annual Ladybug Release

Not only is our tradition of releasing ladybugs on the farm each summer so much fun, it is so beneficial for the orchard and the vegetable gardens. The ladybugs love to munch on aphids and other bugs that are interested in sharing the bounty. Here is a link to a fact sheet from BetterBugs.com: http://www.betterbugs.com/LadybugRelease.html.

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Kailyn, The Chicken Whisperer

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Both of you are animal lovers and it is obvious to all of the little creatures here at Harchut Farms! 🐶🐓🐇 As I promised, the newest additions to our flock, Aubrey and The Unnamed One are so friendly and they … Continue reading

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Asian Pear Harvest

Here you are with Grandpa harvesting the last of Harchut Farms 2016 Asian Pears. Grandpa Frank woke up early the day before and reached for all of the tallest fruit and left the rest for the three of you to enjoy harvesting. All in all, there were about three and a half, five-gallon buckets full! I filled both drawers of our refrigerator with some to preserve before we move and gave away the rest to Grandpa Frank to take back to Portland and had some for my friends too. We will all enjoy them for sure! 

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