July 1, 2018 Harvest

Things are just starting to pop around here. No more rain in site like we’ve had so far this season. Warm, humid days forecast for the next week.

The Zinnias are surviving the little beetles. I keep pinching them off the leaves and flowers. Unfortunately those little creatures attacked one of our cherry trees and it looks like it is at the end of its journey here.

Here’s a little taste of what we have to look forward to this summer season:

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More Bird Nests

Well, as you know, those three little chicks tested their wings and flew away. It seemed like they were tended to for only a couple of weeks after they hatched and they were on their own.

I planted a couple of ferns and was getting ready to fill the other two baskets with flowers when I saw this:

A new heart-shaped nest with multiple varieties of eggs! We’ve seen what looks like a tiny sparrow tending to these eggs.

And in the other fern basket:

Five more Robin eggs in a brand new nest!!! Not sure if it’s the same mama bird or a new one. I guess they feel safe tucked away on our porch!

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First Harvest of 2018 Summer Garden

Oh my! The rain! It just keeps on dropping from the clouds! We haven’t had to water but once or twice since our first plantings after Mother’s Day.

Here’s a snapshot of our first official East Coast garden harvest. Some cilantro for our meal tonight, a few snips of basil, the first cucumber, summer squash and of course a couple of eggs!

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Just One Week Later!

Look at these little guys ~ amazing how much the little hatchlings have grown in just about a week!

Here’s when we first discovered that they had hatched: and here is “mama” feeding her hungry, growing bunch of chicks this past weekend : They crack me up!

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They Hatched!

Look! Three of the four Robin’s eggs hatched! We have been watching the mama and daddy feeding their babies worms! So sweet!

Look at that big mouth!!

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Amazing Sunset

Extreme Thunderstorm Warnings, Tornados to the south of us, Crazy Percy anxiety, lots of good rain for the newly-planted seeds and seedlings…Amazing sunset last night! What an adventure!

Look at the cotton ball clouds ☁️.

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Birds and Bird Nests

Nature is full of gifts. Here’s the artistic bird nest that grandpa found on top of our garage door opener inside the garage!

Luckily there were no eggs laid yet since we had to relocate the nest.

We wonder if that Robin mama is the same one that is now roosting on our porch!

We took a picture of her beautiful blue eggs when she flew away to capture some worms.

According to Wikipedia, the chicks should hatch within 12-14 days. I’ll wait to replant ferns till the chicks are ready to take their first flight and begin their journey.

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Blooming Tree

We were told by the previous owners of our property that the tree along the back fence is a Crabapple tree.

We haven’t seen any apples or cherries on the ground or in the tree since we moved in. The blossoms seemed to appear almost overnight. It sure is gorgeous and it provided great shade last summer.

It’s amazing how green all of the grass is without sprinklers or watering except from Mother Nature. Grandpa completed his first mowing of the season yesterday and we will soon be welcoming all of the fruit tree blooms!

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The calendar says it’s spring…we had fun at your first lacrosse game today Kailyn and look forward to your first baseball game tomorrow Ellie…but it’s still freezing!!! Well not quite freezing but really cold with very strong winds.

I was doodling in the fall and am having fun planning our new vegetable and flower garden for the front part of our property.

There is lots of space to play around with. We will have some work to do in preparing the soil and creating the deer fence. We will also need to learn more about east coast gardening and are eager to get started.

The garlic and shallots are looking good in the kitchen garden beds. It will be fun digging in the dirt again!

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Winter Wonderland

Ha! It finally did really snow! Where are your snow boards now? I know it’s kind of silly to be so excited about the snow but what can you expect from a California grandma?

The new fruit trees are almost half buried. Grandpa cleared the front sidewalk and I cleared a path to the girls.

The roof of the coop collected so much snow I had to knock it down to open the door to the run. It wasn’t like this last night. I think it warmed up a bit and the snow is starting to slide down. The girls seem perfectly at ease. They have spent most of the time in their coop that is filled with fluffy shavings. Here they are enjoying a treat of rice and cucumbers . The garden beds are now completely covered with a blanket of snow. Look at the long ice crystal on the star. I guess we won’t be having our coffee on the porch this morning!

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