Birds of Prey

Wow! Look what I noticed this morning in our neighbor’s front yard!

Those little black birds are crows! I wish I had of thought to video instead of taking photos but look:

Grandpa thinks it might have been a bald eagle. What do you think?

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Ring-necked Pheasants

You got it Kailyn! You identified and photographed the evasive and unique bird scuttling across our backyard! It’s a Ring-necked Pheasant just like the one on your school notebook!

Here is a bit more info about that beautiful creature:

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Garlic and Shallots Tucked Under the Snow

We got a bit of snow last night. It was mesmerizing! So peaceful and quiet while beautiful, large snowflakes fell!

Here are the garden beds. The garlic and shallot bulbs are tucked away.

The girls don’t seem to mind. Their new run gives quite a bit of protection from the weather.

Here is the front view:

Bet your street is filled with piles of snow from the road. Have fun today!

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Garden Ice

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Forecasts called for some snow today but instead we had lots of icy rain. Happy that we were all able to stay home! I walked around the garden and was amazed at all the beautiful icicles! The pines trees are … Continue reading

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First “Snow” at Harchut Farms

We know it is really just “flurries” and not the real thing, but we had fun, didn’t we?

The chickens were happy munching on Halloween pumpkins as we played in the first hints of winter. Life is good!

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Relocating The Moops Coop

Look! Grandpa finished relocating the chicken coop! He also designed and built their new run. Lots more space for the hens to scratch and eat bugs and no more bumping our heads when we go in to clean and change their water! 

Everything is sealed up tight. I even washed the windows! 🐔

Measuring and leveling work:

Side view:

Welcome Home!

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More Parsley Rolls

We love Italian Parsley. Your mom and dad are not fans but we are. And so are the chickens! I preserved a couple of parsley rolls today and threw the “extras” for the chickens to enjoy.


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Honoring Papa

October brought west coast family visits to the east coast. Lots of good and sweet moments. Granny brought some of papa’s ashes and she spread a bit around the new apple tree while we nourished our spirits with lots of love. 

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Helpers in the Garden

So grateful for your help pulling the corn and sunflower stalks this past weekend. We have set aside the corn stalks to dry out for your fall decorations and the sunflowers and zinnias are drying as well so we can plant many more seeds next spring!

Grandpa Frank helped prepare the beds for our garlic plantings.  Over 100 soft neck variety cloves planted today and we are awaiting the “Music” hard neck garlic cloves ordered from Oregon so we can tuck them away before the winter cold arrives. 

Filled with gratitude for these moments and time with family. 

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Early September Garden

Mother Nature provides many gifts in spite of her challenges. Sending strength and goodwill to everyone affected by the recent hurricanes. 

We had a thunderstorm here in Maryland last week. The corn we planted was nearly sideways. I tried to help it with a few stakes and twine. I think the roots did not have a deep enough space to hold on to in the planting bed. 

We’ll see; there are still some promising silks with cobs beginning to form. 

The sunflowers always bring so much joy. 

The bumblebees were very content!

and the zinnias are reaching out and showing the beginnings of color. 

I tended to the spindly tomato bed and used the space there as well as the freed up space in the basil bed for some frost-hardy broccoli and cabbage starts. Fingers crossed!

Even though the tomato plants were not as strong this season, we have been enjoying the bounty. Hopefully these will ripen nicely inside. 

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