Summertime and Preserving the Bounty

It’s summertime! You are on your annual California vacation and we are here in Maryland! We are knowing that you are having a fabulous time with family and we look forward to your return. 
Summertime also means lots of bounty coming from our gardens, farmers markets and other gardeners sharing the fruits of their labor. While in Sonoma County, we were surrounded by miles and miles of vineyards and orchards. Here in Maryland all we see are corn and soybean fields. Acre after acre. The fields are beautiful and the corn is oh so very sweet!  

The first dozen that grandpa came home with we shared with you. We were gifted another couple dozen a couple of days ago. We barbecued a few and then I set out to preserve the rest today. 

The first step is to husk the corn, blanch it (place 4-5 ears in a large pot of boiling water for 4-5 minutes), “shock” it (place blanched corn in a big bowl of ice water for about 4-5 minutes) and then cut the kernels off the cob.  I read a tip for cutting the corn off the cob here: Your mom recently bought a corn cutting gadget. I’ll have to ask to borrow it and see if it’s easier. Or maybe just more fun!

Well, two dozen cobs resulted in about 13 cups of kernels. All preserved in the freezer with the food saver. I also froze the cobs to give to the chickens as a treat. Everyone’s happy! Guess what though? Grandpa just came home with, you guessed it, MORE CORN! Looks like we will have plenty to share in the cold wintertime!

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