August 2017 Garden Update

While the garden we planted at your house in mid-April is flourishing, grandma and grandpa’s late season garden is trying to catch up! We are grateful that the prior owners scattered their tomatoes in the garden bed and let nature take her own course. We have only harvested a few cherry tomatoes but there are lots of green tomatoes and beautiful yellow flowers holding the promise for more. 

We borrowed your dad’s tomato jenga method of staking the tomato bed with a jungle of twine tied to stakes and it is working with the help of some judicious snipping of heavy growth. This is a picture taken before momma bunny moved her nest. Can you see the babies in the corner?

The zucchini and squash vines, corn, peppers, parsley and basil plantings are happily growing amongst sunflower and zinnia flower seeds that haven’t bloomed yet. Fingers crossed that we will all be harvesting soon!

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