East Coast Harchut Farms

Well, after ten months, Grandpa and I found our new Harchut Farms. We are so grateful to you, your mom and your dad for sharing your home with all of us during the search. Those memories will be added to my gratitude bucket to reflect on forever. 

There is so much to do after a big move like this. We are focusing on enjoying our new indoor and outdoor space, dreaming about all of our projects and settling into a new routine. The previous owners gifted us their chicken coop and ten lovely hens (more about them later). They also had an existing array of garden beds that needed a bit of care. 

Here they are “before”:

It looks like they threw whole tomatoes into the beds so the seeds would grow. The little spindly plants were fighting for light and air in between all of the weeds and grass and…look closely…do you see what I found?

A bunny nest with six little bunnies! I left their nest undisturbed but after a couple of days, momma bunny took them to a new home under one of the garden sheds. She was not comfortable sharing their space!

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