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Tuesday afternoons are reserved for Garden Club till the middle of November. This club is very popular at your school and the two of you were lucky to be chosen to participate and so was I – as an adult volunteer! Mr. G. leads the club with a couple of other teachers and there are two Master Gardeners that have volunteered their time as well as some supplies.

One of the first lessons was about Hydroponics and Germination. You enjoyed creating a special growing environment in a simple plastic glove. Everyone received enough cotton balls that were moistened with a growing solution and some water added in for each of the different seeds. You then placed each of the seeds into the fingers and thumb along with the soaked cotton ball. When we arrived home, you taped up the gloves on the big garden room window. This is where the sun first hits in the morning.

We were all surprised to see the seeds sprouting before our next Tuesday meeting! The seeds planted were: Lettuce, Radish, Basil, Carrot and Romaine (another type of lettuce).

A couple of weeks ago, you transplanted the seeds and cotton balls into a clean garden bed. The basil might have an especially hard time growing since we already had a bit of frost last week but we are hopeful. We also planted a few winter crops: Spinach, Kale, more Carrots, and Curly Parsley. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and provide lots of care. I am especially looking forward to the fresh kale!

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