Acorns and Figs for the Pigs!

The pigs loved the light rain this week! They dig big holes with their strong snouts and then roll around in the mud. Here are some reasons why:

The benefit of a mud wallow is that:

  • Allows pigs to cool down
  • Provides an ideal material for rooting
  • It controls lice and parasites naturally – no need for medication
  • Keeps pigs skin in good condition
  • It gives pigs an immeasurable sense of joy and contentment

I can definitely confirm #5; they go crazy when we fill up their holes with water. We always let them know we are approaching the pen because they startle very easily.

More things that they love are new straw and visits from us and Percy too! They enjoy the attention!

About Garden Reflections

A Lover of Nature, Filled with Gratitude for my Husband, Family, Friends, Dog, Gardens and Chickens~
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