Fall Hydrangea, Garlic, Spinach and Kale

Fall Hydrangea

Fall Hydrangea

I took this photo a couple of weekends ago while in San Luis Obispo with Granny, Aunt Arlene, McKenzie, Aunt Marla, Kylie, Aunt Frankie, Aunt Krista and Paige for the annual Girl’s Weekend trip. We sure did miss you girls, your mom and all of our other “girl” relatives east coast and west ~ maybe you all will be able to join us next year!

I could not believe how beautiful the local plants and flowers were. I guess the weather has been a bit milder in San Luis Obispo than here in Northern CA. We have had a few frosty mornings already and most of what was left of the vegetable garden is now gone. The barrel with the harvested fennel is sprouting a new little plant and the artichoke plants are going strong~no artichokes but beautiful foliage. I am not sure if the fennel will survive the winter~I may have to visit Andy’s Produce Market to fulfill our newly found love of fennel!

While I was visiting you girls last month, Grandpa repaired the raised bed with new hardware cloth to keep the gophers out. I have contemplated what we will grow in the winter garden and am inspired by a post from fellow dirt-lover, Strange Gardener. I visited Harmony Farms and purchased a bunch of garlic to plant on Sunday. Maria was very ambitious and planted over one hundred garlic cloves! I planted 44 cloves: a mixture of Spanish Roja and Inchelium Red; both soft-neck varieties that will be fun to braid for drying. I came across this video a couple of years ago and will have fun trying it out when we harvest the garlic  and it dries out a bit.

I also planted six-packs of Dinosaur Kale and Spinach for some winter greens. Just in time to taste when you are here in January!

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