Pumpkin Patch Visit and Carving Adventures


What a fun visit we had to a local Pumpkin Patch on Friday. We searched for the perfect pumpkins in the barn and then decided to take a wagon and do a little hiking. There were what seemed like acres of pumpkins surrounded with dying vines just waiting for someone to pick them out. Kailyn was in search of a “ghost” (white) pumpkin but there were none to be found until we were checking out and Brayden spotted the very last one!



When we got home, the girls busied themselves with a pumpkin display. There was quite a collection!

Displaying the Bounty

Displaying the Bounty

Ellie Anne with her Pumpkins

Ellie Anne with her Pumpkins

Organizing the Pumpkins

Look at Grandma!

The baby pumpkins came all the way from Graton, CA in my suitcase! It was late so we decided to wait to carve the pumpkins until Sunday when Brayden & Tracee came home from their 5th Wedding Anniversary getaway.

Brayden in Action

Brayden in Action

Pulling out the "guts"

Pulling out the “guts”

Separating out the Seeds

Separating out the Seeds

It was always Tracee and Bob’s tradition to carve pumpkins while I watched and snapped photographs each year. This time I decided to try my hand at a little pumpkin art.

Grandma's Chosen Design

Grandma’s Chosen Design

Grandma's Finished Carving

Grandma’s Finished Carving

Brayden's Finished Carving

Brayden’s Finished Carving

Kailyn's Finished Carving

Kailyn’s Finished Carving

Kailyn’s actually has two sides carved (pumpkin face and a ghost) along with her drawings.

More of Kailyn's Artwork

More of Kailyn’s Artwork

Ellie and the cats decided to relax a little while all the carving was going on and Tracee was in the kitchen making a yummy Chicken Marsala.

Ellie and the Fat Cat in front of the Fire

Ellie and the Fat Cat in front of the Fire

Life is good!

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One Response to Pumpkin Patch Visit and Carving Adventures

  1. Roger & Cyn Lane says:

    Thank’s for sharing.
    Good job by everyone on the pumpkins!

    Love Cyn

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