The Autumn Garden

I had limited time in the garden this week as my work hours have increased temporarily. Grandpa helped with the watering – by next season, we will have drip lines installed. This method is more efficient and will save the worry if I am unable to visit our planting areas each day. I spent some time yesterday and today puttering around. Of course, there were a couple of HUGE zucchini and a ton of green beans greeting me. I pulled out the cherry tomato plant as it was looking very weary as were the petunias in the upper garden.

Sunlight streaming through the Flowering Plum tree

When I looked up from my work, the sunlight streaming through the Flowering Plum tree caught my eye. The leaves are beginning to fall to the ground creating a nice plum carpet.

September Fennel

September Fennel

The fennel growing in a barrel out front is doing really well. The leaves are so delicate, fragrant and feathery-looking. Since ours have a couple more weeks of growing, I added some fennel to my cart at Andy’s and made the easiest recipe from fellow blogger Putney Farm: Caramelized Fennel. Oh my, it is delicious! We topped our “big salads” with some last night and devoured three big bulbs!

Flowering Artichokes

We had SO many artichokes this season, I decided to let the last batch flower. They are so lovely and attract tons of bees.

Cinderella Pumpkin

Cinderella Pumpkin

It is time for me to go out and harvest a few pumpkins. Happy Gardening!

About Garden Reflections

A Lover of Nature, Filled with Gratitude for my Husband, Family, Friends, Dog, Gardens and Chickens~
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2 Responses to The Autumn Garden

  1. Thank you Genie! Yes! I will drop off a basket on my way to work tomorrow 🙂

  2. What beautiful photos, Arlene!
    If you still have excess zukes, I’d like some, since mine aren’t producing. I never thought until this year that there was such a thing as an unsuccessful zucchini year.

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