August Garden Progress

Wow! The end of the summer is upon us! It almost feels like fall. The lighting is changing, our fruit trees are already beginning to lose a few leaves, and the days are getting shorter. The chickens are now retreating into their coop earlier and earlier each week.  I promise I will share updated photos of the little ones. They are almost one month old!

I took some garden progress photos this morning while watering:

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Baked Heirloom Tomatoes Caprese

The Knucklehead Pumpkin Seed Story

Japanese Long Cucumbers

About Garden Reflections

A Lover of Nature, Filled with Gratitude for my Husband, Family, Friends, Dog, Gardens and Chickens~
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2 Responses to August Garden Progress

  1. Thank you Genie! Such a relaxing and rewarding way to spend my free time!

  2. Beautiful photos, Arlene…of beautiful veggies!

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