Preserving the Harvest

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What fun we are having! Our Gravenstein Apple tree was not as productive this year as in years past but Grandpa was still able to fill a 5-gallon bucket with juicy apples. I canned six pints of applesauce and four freezer bags full of apple pie slices. For the first time, we experienced a broken jar while processing the batch of applesauce. It was a bit messy and the rest of the jars came out just a bit sticky but all is well. They sealed and are waiting to be gobbled up!

I have also canned six pints of Marinara Sauce and four pints of Bartlett & Asian Pears Packed in Honey Vanilla Syrup. All of the recipes are light on sugar. The fruit is so sweet as it is; hardly any sugar is necessary. I will be canning more pears tonight when I get home from work. Grandpa has been watering, harvesting and tending to the chickens so I can spend more time preserving the bounty.

After the season ends, we will be exploring Pressure Cookers to preserve even more different types of bounty. We have learned there are certain types of foods that are low in acid and require the Pressure Cooker method. Dad says Marjorie’s canned tuna is just fabulous. Stay tuned!

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