Peaches and Pears

The Frost Peach harvest was vastly improved over last season. We received one beautiful, perfectly sweet peach in 2011. This year we harvested about two dozen. I made a yummy peach cobbler, we ate a few right out of hand and froze a few for smoothies. There is nothing like the fresh, sweet taste of a ripe peach!

We have a couple of Asian Pear trees and one Bartlett Pear tree. They are LOADED with fruit! I harvested about 20 or so Bartlett Pears and picked up a few of the Asian Pears that had fallen to the ground. They are not quite ripe but the Bartletts need to be a little less ripe because I am going to”put them up” again within a week or so. They were fabulous last year. I will be experimenting with no sugar – last year I used a “light sugar” mixture. Your mom sent us a new canning book: Tart and Sweet by Kelly Geary and Jessie Knadler. On page 169 there is a recipe for “Pears Packed in Honey Vanilla Syrup” that sounds divine. (I think she likes receiving canned treats in the mail and I certainly LOVE sharing them!).

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2 Responses to Peaches and Pears

  1. And we LOVE sending them xxxooo

  2. Tracee says:

    Was sending you the canning book a little too subtle of a hint? Let me be clear here …. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE receiving canned treats in the mail! 🙂

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