Preserving by Dehydrating

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Last summer, I learned how to preserve our bountiful harvest by canning tomatoes, pears and apples – this season I am adding dehydrating to my tool kit. This weekend I practiced with Kale Chips and Almonds. I found a recipe online for the Kale Chips and was a bit disappointed because they were too oily. Next time, I may only spray them with oil or maybe use a bit of lemon or honey as suggested on another blog. The ingredients were simple: kale, olive oil and sea salt. I have seen other recipes since that dehydrate with plain kale and then season to taste after they are dehydrated. Of course, you could always toast them in your oven too.

It was kind of fun – I harvested the kale, prepared it by taking off the tough part of the stems, rinsed the leaves, spun them dry in the salad spinner, gently massaged them with olive oil and sea salt and then set the dehydrator @ 105 degrees for 11 hours. I shared the leftover kale stems with The Moops (sometimes referred to as The Girls-Rochelle Rochelle is missing from the photo because she has been broodie the last week or so). They love kale and pick those stems mighty clean! The chips are good although I can only eat a few at a time because of the oily taste. I might try crunching some over a salad.

The next day, after soaking raw almonds overnight with a teaspoon of sea salt, I rinsed and dehydrated them for 24 hours @ 110 degrees. The soaking releases the enzymes so that our bodies can absorb them. There is also more scientific ways to describe this that your mom would enjoy :), but essentially, they are a very good source of protein. They come out crunchy but soft. Very tasty.

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2 Responses to Preserving by Dehydrating

  1. Yes, I bet they do! We will try with the next batch!

  2. Tracee says:

    I bet you those kale chips ship well….

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