Artichokes Galore

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Well, as you can see, the artichoke plants are thriving and producing – let me know if you would like some – we have plenty to share! The pictures of the harvest in the basket and in the sink are they same artichokes I harvested yesterday – 14 of them. Grandpa is taking them to work today. I also gave away 1/2 a dozen to my friend Genie this week. Looks like we will be having artichokes tonight :).

The only issue we have been having is an abundance of ants. I did some research last night and learned that the ants are there because of aphids. I was wondering what the little black goo was – it turns out that ants love to eat “honeydew” that the aphids leave behind. One video clip I saw showed the farmer actually munching on the ants and enjoying it! A couple of others suggested that aphids like to attack plants that are distressed.

This is something that Sara shared at the Ceres class too. Ours don’t look distressed; just some heavy limbs that are breaking, but I am going to cut some limbs, mulch around the bottom and continue to spray them with a hard stream of water for a few more days. We have also been soaking the artichokes and shaking them vigorously in water before steaming them. I do not think I would like to try munching on ants like the farmer in the video link.

Here are the links with suggested solutions:

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