Bean Trellis

Bean TrellisCame home from work today and spent a while checking all of our new plantings and watered where needed. Everything looks very happy! Grandpa constructed a bean trellis for me in the orchard area. He is the master of temporary fences since he has had to contain first Orca and now Percy on our property. Once the gate is complete on the driveway Percy will be secure in our space.

I have never planted green beans before and now have the perfect trellis! Our friend Cheryl has shared her bountiful harvests in the past and now we can share too! I will be following Sara’s suggestion and do a succession planting in a few weeks so that the harvest will continue. Happy Gardening!

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A Lover of Nature, Filled with Gratitude for my Husband, Family, Friends, Dog, Gardens and Chickens~
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