More Plantings in the Orchard Area

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What a glorious day Saturday was! Perfect weather; just warm enough with a light breeze and sunshine. Grandpa had a helper create 10 mounds down in between the fruit trees before they started working on the path to the chicken coop.I planted the following (numbering so I can remember where they are!):
#1 Knucklehead transplants and a couple of seeds. Funny story about these transplants – we purchased a Knucklehead Pumpkin last fall because I thought it was the coolest looking pumpkin! All gnarly and colorful. Well, anyway, after the season ended, I placed it on the gardening bench with the intention of saving the seeds. It sat there and sat there. Amazingly, it did not rot. About six weeks ago, I threw it on the ground in the upper garden area so that it would crack. I cleaned up and placed all of the seeds to dry. Well, a creature helped itself to about half of the seeds. I rescued the rest and went about my gardening business. This weekend I noticed two little pumpkin plants that randomly sprouted in the tomato and pepper area! Those are the two transplants I planted along with a couple more seeds. Anyone want a Knucklehead Pumpkin? Place your orders now 🙂
#2 Cinderella Pumpkins
#3 Mini Jack Pumpkins
#4 Spaghetti Squash
#5 Delicata Squash
#6 Yellow Crookneck Squash
#8 Black Beauty Zucchini
#9 Blacktail Mountain Watermelon
#10 Sugar Baby Watermelon
#11 Marketmore and Japanese Long Cucumbers (gifted to us from Cheryl-thank you very much!)
I also amended the raised beds and planted more basil starts, and seed for cilantro, parsley, oregano and chives.

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