Memorial Day Weekend 2010

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Grandpa and a helper set up the raised beds with hardware wire to keep the gophers out. The boxes are filled with good dirt and are ready to be planted! What a wonderful weekend this has been. You all arrived Friday night around 11 p.m. I picked up three of “the girls” (i.e. chickens) from Penngrove and the fourth one today. We now have four chickens! Heaven – Tracee, Brayden, Kailyn and Ellie plus four new chickens and garden beds! I am filled with GRATITUDE!

So, Friday we got “the girls” settled in their little coop. Orca was very interested, of course. He kept walking back and forth around the perimeter and was talking (barking) to them. By Saturday, he calmed down and accepted them and they became more confident and secure in their space. You and your mom and I woke up early Saturday morning and you had the pleasure of finding the very first egg! A small brown egg with speckles. Very cool!

We had a relaxing day hanging out. You rode your bike around the fruit trees and then in the backyard. In the afternoon, I planted transplants and seeds in the beds. Your mom and dad went to the hardware store and came home with two bags of lady bugs – 1,500 a piece! We released them at dusk around the garden and out by the roses.

Saturday night to Sunday morning – big event! Your sister slept from 9:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.! Your mom awoke so rested and happy. No eggs in the morning but we will check again today when you awakes from your nap.

We all drove to Penngrove to pick up the last chicken. Kailyn, you were thrilled to see more than a dozen new chicks and some new kittens. Very fun.

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