Trees Planted at Harchut Farms

We planted 24 new trees to accompany the years old Gravenstein Apple tree that was on the property when we moved in. One tree guy estimated it was 100 years old and another one estimated 50 years old. Either way, it is a really old, beautiful, fruitful tree and we are happy to have it!! Besides the fruit trees described below, we planted: Three Redwood (approx. four years old), three Standard Arbutus Marina (Strawberry Trees), four Dwarf Standard Arbutus Marina, and three Flowering Plum trees.

Harchut Orchard 2010Here is a layout of the fruit trees we planted in the orchard area facing the east. The only tree that did not survive was the Harcot Apricot. We learned later that apricots have a bit of a hard time up here. We replaced it with a FIG tree! The orchard area is in our front yard and we can visually enjoy it from the deck and the house.


Some Background on Each of the Fruit Trees Planted (click on the image to enlarge):

Tree Descriptions Pg1

Tree Descriptions Pg2

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